The Engineering competition of Politecnico di Milano

Team Design

Case Study

Think Big.

Join us for the 10th edition (2008-2018) of EBEC, the most famous and exciting engineering competition at Politecnico di Milano! Design, build, innovate everything with your team. We are offering you, along with our sponsors, gadgets and fantastic prizes for the winners.

Think European.

EBEC is not only local in Milan. Winning gives you the chance to join EBEC Italy where you’ll stand against the BEST italian teams. 

Are you ready to challange more than 7000 students?

Case Study

FFAt the beginning of the contest we will provide you a topic that you have to develop under our instructions. In the end, a jury of experts and professors will evaluate the works and declare the winners!

Team Design

At the beginning of the competition we will give you some materials and a technical problem. In a limited length of time you need to build something that will solve the problem. Easy, isn’t it? Are you ready to take the challenge?

EBEC 18 is made possible through the contribution of Politecnico di Milano